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God Told Me To (1976)

First published by FilmLand Empire “I grew up at a Catholic Boys’ School at the Bronx. Graduated to DeWitt Clinton High School. A year at Fordham University before I joined … Continue reading

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Blue Sunshine (1978)

First published by FilmLand Empire In Taxi Driver (1976), the contradictory and unstable Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) – an ill-educated Vietnam veteran and porn-addicted romantic – is a product of … Continue reading

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Parents (1989)

First published by FilmLand Empire The black-and-white still of a boy’s face. Carefree kids playing with a skipping rope on the sidewalk of a utopian suburbia (to the brash, brassy … Continue reading

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Darkman (1990)

First published by FilmLand Empire Darkman is a film about transitions. Mild-mannered scientist Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson, showing early promise of the unlikely action hero he would later become) is … Continue reading

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The Toxic Avenger (1984)

First published by FilmLand Empire Published in 1949, George Orwell’s dystopian allegory 1984 imagined that by the time of the titular year, the whole world would have become a totalitarian system … Continue reading

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Society (1989)

First published by FilmLand Empire “The rich have always sucked off low-class shit like you.” This line, coming late in Brian Yuzna’s Society, effectively summarises the film’s dog-eat-dog – or … Continue reading

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Eaten Alive (1977)

Frist published by FilmLand Empire Texan filmmaker Tobe Hooper peaked early. Following his freakout debut with the rarely seen hippie time capsule Eggshells (1969), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) … Continue reading

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Tears of God (2015)

First published by FilmLand Empire The first thing we see in Robert Hillyer Barnett’s feature debut is a movie camera, filmed head on as though it were filming us. The … Continue reading

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Anguish (1987)

First published by FilmLand Empire “My name is Tom Goldman,” a voice is heard announcing at the beginning of Bigas Luna’s L.A.-set, English-language Spanish-American co-production Anguish (Angustia), “Welcome to our … Continue reading

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He Never Died (2015)

First published by FilmLand Empire He Never Died begins with a day in the life of protagonist Jack (Henry Rollins) – a ‘muttering man’ of reclusion, routine and relatively few … Continue reading

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