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Movie Gazette

I wrote many hundreds of reviews for this site in the Noughties, from which all attribution to my name has since been removed (don’t ask). Shall gradually add links below.

# 2046

a Agitator; Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood OrchidArmitage III: Poly Matrix; Audition; The Aviator

b Bang-Rajan; Batman BeginsBichunmoo; Bruce Lee: The Lost Interviews

c Casshern; Chaos (Kaosu); Class of 1984Contamination; Cypher

d Dark Water; Dogville; Dolls


f The Face of Another; Five (Dedicated to Ozu); The Five Obstructions; The Forgotten

g Gonin; Gozu; The Grudge

h The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things; HellraiserHero; High and Low; House of Flying Daggers; Human Lanterns

i Ichi the Killer; I Live in Fear; Infernal Affairs; Infernal Affairs II; In the Mood for Love; Into the Mirror; The Isle

j Ju-on: The Grudge

l The Lady of Musashino; The Life of O-haru; Lost in Translation

m Memories of Murder

n Nathalie…Ninja Scoll Vol. 1

o The Odd Couple; Oldboy; Once A Thief; Ong-bak

p Paranoia Agent Vol. 1; Phone; Ping Pong; PlaytimePublic Enemy

q The Quiet Family

r Real Fiction

s Save the Green Planet!; Serial Experiments Lain Vol. 1; Serial Experiments Lain Vol. 2; Serial Experiments Lain Vol. 3; Serial Experiments Lain Vol. 4; Shaolin Soccer; Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon; Sleepaway Camp; Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers; Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland; A Snake of June; Spirited AwayThe Story of Ricky; Stroszek

t Taegukgi; A Tale of Two Sisters; The Tesseract; Tokyo Fist; TorqueTwilight of the Dark Master; The Twilight Samurai

u UndeadUntold Scandal

v Visitor Q

w The Warrior; Warriors Two; Week-endWhen The Last Sword is Drawn

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