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Here is a selection of features and reviews that I have written over the years for Sight & Sound – to be expanded as I find the time.

Voices of the Undead: Robert Eggers on The Witch
Day for night: the FrightFest Hallowe’en All-Dayer 2015
Welcome to the brainwash: London 2015 ‘Cult’ round-up
FrightFest 2015: Critics’ roundtable post-mortem (podcast with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
Film4 FrightFest Preview: The Best of FrightFest 2015
East End of the World: Crises, Catastrophes and New Beginnings at the East End Film Festival 2015
Wormholes That Turned: Sci-Fi-London 2015
Clothes make the han: uniforms and disguise at the London Korean Film Festival 2014
Too Late Blues: The FrightFest Hallowe’en All-Nighter 2014
London Film Festival 2014: Cult Roundup
FrightFest 2014 critics’ roundtable post-mortem (podcast with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
New Philippine (and Mongolian) cinema at Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014
Mad, sad and audacious: Sci-Fi London 2014
Forever coming of age: Japanese youth on tour
Stormy Waves: The London Korean Film Festival 2013
Night of the long backward glances: The FrightFest October All-Nighter 2013
London 2013 Cult Round-Up
FrightFest 2013: Epic Critics’ Round-Table Post Mortem (podcast with Virginie Sélavy and Kim Newman)
Out There Down Here: Sci-Fi London 2013
The Other ‘Asia Extreme’
Seeing Double: the London Korean Film Festival 2012
Keep It Local: the 2012 FrightFest Hallowe’en All-Nighter
Alejandro Jodorowsky: “pulling rusty brains out of burrows dimensions never imagined”
Beyond Extreme: he London Korean Film Festival 2011
FrightFest Hallowe’en 2011: Tricks But Not Enough Treats
FrightFest 2010: Hallowe’en event sees in the return (and revenge) of the past

# 36

A The ABCs of Death; Aftershock; AlleluiaAll Stars; Amer; Amreeka; Antiviral

B Battle Los Angeles; The Bay; Beasts of No NationBeyond CluelessBig Mommas: Like Father Like Son; Blood Car; Bone Tomahawk

C Camp 14: Total Control Zone; Chained; Cloud Atlas; Cockneys vs Zombies; Cold Fish; Computer Chess; Confessions

D Daybreakers; The Dead; Demons Never Die; Devil’s Due;The Dinosaur Project; Diplomacy; DogtoothDream Home

E Eastern Boys; Eden; Elfie Hopkins; End of Watch; EverestEveryone’s Going To Die

F Four Days Inside Guantanamo

G The Gift; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; The Guvnors

H The Harsh Light of Day; A Haunting in CawdorHere Comes the Boom; Hobo With A Shotgun; Horrid Henry: The Movie; The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)The Hunger Games; Hunky Dory

I Immortals; Inbred; In Fear

J Jack The Giant Slayer; Just Go With It

K Kick-Ass; Kick-Ass 2; Kill List; Kingsman

L The Lady; Lay the Favourite; Love

M Machete Kills; The Machine; Magic Magic; Maniac (2012); Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy; The MessengerLes Misérables

Nasty Baby

O OrthodoxThe Other Side of the DoorOutcast

P The Passing; Pitch Perfect; Predestination; Pressure; The Purge

R The Raid; Red Dawn; Red State; Red White & Blue; RegressionRevenge: A Love Story

S Samsara; Sammy’s Great Escape; Scouts Guide to the Zombie ApocalypseThe Seasoning House; Set Fire To The StarsShadow; Skyline; Snow White and the Huntsman; Something Borrowed; Son of Babylon; SpringStorage 24; The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears; The Survivalist

T Tangerines; Top Five; Tracks; Transformers: Age of Extinction; The Treatment

The Voices

W Wish I Was Here; WolfCopWreck-It Ralph

Y You’re Next

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